How Many Words In A 200-Page Book? Check Out The Answer

How many words does a 200-page book contain? Here is an important question for readers and authors. It’s also crucial for authors to know that books with quality writing and interesting stories perform much better in book stores. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 200-page book or more. If readers enjoy your book, they won’t […]

How Many Words In A 200-Page Book

Poetry Book Title Ideas: Tips For Poets

Writing a killer title for your poetry book can be challenging. The title helps capture the reader’s attention. So, it contributes massively to a poetry book’s success. That’s why many poets spend more time on their titles. Some create a dozen titles for one poetry book to pick the most captivating one. However, a book […]

Poetry Book Title Ideas

How To Get Published As An Undergrad: Read Before Publishing

Publishing is most times associated with Masters and PhD Students. Undergrad years come with a lot of academic stress. There are assignments to turn in, group projects, tests, and exams. An Undergrad’s focus is finish school successfully and hardly thinks of sharing his academic work beyond the classroom. Only the ambitious will venture into non-graduation […]

How To Get Published As An Undergrad

How Many Pages In A Graphic Novel? This Is What You Should Know

A graphic novel is quite different from the traditional novel. Contrary to the traditional novel that is filled with letters the graphic novel is filled with graphics. This does not mean there are no words. It is not strictly a picture book but contains both words and pictures. While the story is told mainly through […]

How Many Pages In A Graphic Novel