What Is Prose Fiction? Everything You Need To Know

Prose is one of the most popular literary works. Many authors prefer writing prose because it has several options. You can choose to use your imaginations, write based on facts or even combine your writing with poetry. Prose fiction is one form of prose. Like other types, it’s written straightforwardly. But it also has what […]

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What Is Fictional Finalism: A Simple Explanation 

Several theories underline the study of human psychology. They also form the basis for identifying human behavior, personality types, and mental disorders. Some psychology theories include behaviorist, humanistic, biological, cognitive, personality, and psychoanalytic theories. Fictional finalism makes up a part of the personality theory. It tends to point out what makes up a person’s personality. […]

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Do You Have To Cite A Definition? The Best Answer You Can Find

Definitions refer to a statement describing a term. The primary aim is to provide the meaning of the term so that anyone who reads it can understand without breaking a sweat. The objective is not to confuse anyone, as many people think. Authors use definition, likewise students and academicians. There is nothing wrong with using […]

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