Your Brand Is Calling

Have you ever wondered what magic elixir famous authors were drinking that caused their books to rocket to the top of the New York Times bestsellers' list?

Or what caused personal brands to luck into hundreds of thousands of email and social followers?

The truth is, it’s not magic, and it’s not luck that has allowed these brands to have rabid fans and consistently hit high six and seven-figure incomes. There is a formula, that if followed, will allow you to find your audience and then help them get to know and ultimately love and trust you.

How do I know this? Well, I’m Mike Loomis I’ve been helping people launch their brands and ideas for over twenty years. I’ve worked with multiple New York Times bestselling authors, world renowned entrepreneurs, and some of the largest brands in the world. I’ve sold two successful brands of my own and helped hundreds of clients establish and grow brands that matter.

In my course Your Brand is Calling you will find the exact same process that has taken books and brands to unimaginable heights.

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Why Master Your Personal Brand?

To Get Noticed

Stand out from the masses and wow your followers like never before.

To Sell More Books and Products

Share the benefits of your new found brand with the world. Sell more books and products with the proven Launch Planner.

To Find Your Buyers

Identify your calling and who will connect with your brand.

To Blast Through Your Goals

Establish your true goals and create systems to guarantee their success.

The Secret to a Successful Book Or Product Launch

OK, the truth is there's nothing secret or mysterious about a successful book launch (or a podcast or product launch).

It’s simply calendar-focused attention to your goals.

I didn’t invent the concept of a book launch, but want clients to succeed based on what I’ve learned. I have been a part of many book, product, podcast, and brand launches—and led several for my clients. I’ve helped launch multiple successful New York Times bestseller campaigns, and every Amazon campaign I’ve led resulted in at least one #1 rank. 

This planner will guide you toward the exact goals and steps required to make your launch a success.

The Launch Planner will:
- Help you clarify your true goals
- Make sure you have the right brand foundation
- Help establish your launch calendar and timeline
- Guide you through asking for (and receiving) endorsements from influencers
- Give you exact templates for emails to your launch team
- Help you sell more books or products
- and much more!

"But I'm a writer, not a marketer. And I hate doing sales!"

That's exactly why you need a proven strategy, and detailed plan. Most writers are not great marketers, but that does not mean they can't follow a plan, add their own personality, and enjoy reaching more people with their words.

(By the way, telling your story is the essence of marketing, and introducing people to something that will improve their lives is the essence of sales.)

"What if I already released my book?"

There's a big difference between a release and a launch. The good news is, you can launch, or re-launch, your book any time. If you do, make sure there's a legitimate reason for the hoopla, the Launch Planner does exactly that!

If you have a book or product and follow the Launch Planner, there is no doubt in my mind you will sell more and reach a greater audience!

What's Inside:

When you enroll in Your Brand is Calling, you’ll receive:

• Video training on Brand Strategy for Writers

• Video training on Your Value Proposition

• Video training on Market Position

• Video training on Your Brand Name and Tagline

• Video training on Using Your Brand Words

• Video training on Brand Strategy for Writers 

• Video training on Establishing Brand Filters

• Worksheets and branding assignments

• Ways to save money on your personal brand (web, logo, photography, and more)

• Training on clarifying your true goals

• Training on the right brand foundation

• A launch calendar and timeline

• Book or product launch checklist

Training on asking for (and receiving) endorsements from influencers

• The exact templates for emails to your launch team

• Sales focused strategies

 And... you'll even get email feedback on your brand and book ideas directly from Mike Loomis! 

• And Much More!

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Why Does Your Brand Matter?

How do I tell the world who I am? (In a way that doesn’t feel fake)

What’s a “good” tagline, logo, web site, or photo?

And, what exactly is a brand?

As a result of this uncertainty, people either delay launch, or unfortunately, launch poorly. Both these approaches waste money, time, and opportunity.

It’s actually possible to have a clear, confident approach to building your personal brand.

I had a 35% increase in profit, and I can’t say that about any other program. Period. Within two months I had to hire my first contractor. It works. – Shayla Eaton

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Mike Loomis


I’ve built and sold two businesses (brands) and have been helping people launch their ideas for twenty years. (Bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits)

Clients love our in-person strategy sessions, here in Colorado and around the country, but I wanted a way to help more people.

So I tried an experiment…

I put together a book about branding and offered it at a conference where I was speaking. Scary, right?

The response was amazing. I sold out of books, and sales doubled over the next two months.

By the way, I didn’t even have the book available on my web site or Amazon. (It was intentionally “secret.”) All the post-conference sales were from referrals!

That’s the story behind this course.

When you enroll you’ll receive a series of ten videos and worksheets, to help you find clarity and create influence in an authentic way! You can even receive personal feedback on your brand and book ideas! Your above-and-beyond satisfaction is guaranteed.

There are even special sessions for writers.

After completing Mike’s course, my brand became focused, I left full-time employment and became a successful entrepreneur. This course was the best investment I made in my journey. Mike over-delivers. You will absolutely not regret taking this course! – Adam

Building your personal brand with excellence and heart – doesn’t have to be mysterious, and you can enjoy the process.

This is the same process I’ve used to help hundreds of clients. If you’re not completely wowed, I’ll refund your purchase!

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What People Are Saying:

What I love about Mike Loomis is his authenticity. There is no one who is more suited to help you understand that your brand is more than just an ad—it’s the purest articulation of who you are and what you’re called to do in this world. Listen to him!

Jeff Goins

Bestselling author of The Art of Work

In today’s distracted and hyper-competitive world, your initial perception matters more than ever.
Your Brand is Calling will open your eyes to the power of perception and how you can shape it to advance your message, your expertise, and your purpose.

Phil Cooke

Author of, Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

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