Free PSD Book Cover Templates

Free Book Cover Designs

We are passionate about bringing you a variety of PSD book cover templates that can be easily edited to suit your personal needs. Our PSD templates have been created to give your book the full opportunity deserves without the hassle of having to spend a lot of money. We have some great book templates to help you get your book out to the public and start selling copies of your book today.

Each one of these 100+ PSD book cover templates are fully customizable, they only require a program like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp in order to make each one unique to your specific needs. Customizable book templates are a true advantage to any author that would rather devote their time to writing instead of creating a cover. They are quick and easy to use, saving you precious time that you can put to better use by writing or otherwise promoting your work.

In the past we had a few great templates to choose from, but now we have an entire collection of over 100 creative and unique designs. We typically charge $25 a piece for these covers but we are giving them away for free to anyone who signs up for our newsletter this is over eleven hundred dollars worth of cover templates. Each template is high resolution and professionally designed.