Title Capitilization Converter to Title Case

If you have a professional article or book you are working on and have questions about whether that pesky “it”, “from”, “or”, and “a” should be capitalized then search no further. There is nothing more embarrassing than writing an article or posting the title of your book and having the capitalization incorrect. There are so many different capitalization methods that you can follow for article and book titles and with each one it takes a lot of work to figure exactly what should be capitalized and what shouldn’t.


How many pages is my novel?

Word Count to Book Page Count Calculator Our book page calculator helps you figure out how many pages your final book will contain based off of our your current word count. Simply select your word print size, book genre and then enter your word count and press “Calculate Number of Pages”. Word to Page Calculator Number of Words: Size of Text: Average PrintLarge Print Type of Book: General FictionYoung Adult FictionCrime/MysteriesHistorical FictionRomanceScience FictionFantasy FictionNon-Fiction Calculate Number of Pages I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t concern yourself with page counting, while writing and that is it an unneeded distraction, but it […]

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The New lorem ipsum

For years Lorem Ipsum has been the standard used by designers, writers and even the average public for text for documents that are aesthetically ready but do not have the content set yet. The New Lorem Ipsum does this and more by taking away a few of the pesky hardships familiar to people used to using the old Lorem Ipsum.

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Introducing InkSpeak

Voice is three times faster than typing, and for many authors who have made a practice out of writing for a duration of time to get as many words written as possible, this changes everything. We have created a free online dictation software to prevent you from having to purchase high-end software.


Free Author Banner Ads

It can be difficult to find creative ways to highlight your book. Now you can promote your masterpiece easily with this great looking web banner set. With five sizes and two styles, these high-quality web banner template files are ready for your book marketing and promotion campaigns. Each PSD file is layered and fully organized. You can use these graphics for your personal use like your website or Facebook page, as well as for advertising through Google AdWords or on other websites.


Free Template – Ebook Cover Specifications

You finished your newest book and the first printed copy just arrived in the mail, and now it’s time to format your awesome cover to fit all the ebook marketplaces. But it’s tough to tell what is expected of you, because every company you want to submit to has different requirements. What makes it worse is that they change their requirements every few years – so even if you do find written dimensions, there is a good chance that they are old. But up-to-date instructions are troublesome as well, with all of their requirements such as minimum dimension size, recommended dimension size, maximum file size, etc.

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