Book Sell Sheet Templates – Ideas & Designs

Using book sell sheets are one of the most timelessly effective ways to promote your brand. When done correctly, they are an effective way to easily gain new customers and prospects. As an author, you can tap into this common marketing trend and use book sell sheets and flyers to promote your books and related events. Flyers are inexpensive and they allow you to present a visual presentation along with a clear message to your audience.


Author Bookmark Ideas & Free Templates

If you’re a writer looking for a creative way to promote your work, author bookmarks are an excellent choice. Believe it or not, some people still read traditional paper and hardcover books and what better way to hold your place in your favorite book than by using a bookmark? Since bookmarks are the go-to method for keeping one’s place in a book, author bookmarks can be a wise marketing tool. With author bookmarks, a writer can promote their website, other books, events, and promotions.

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Author Rack Card Ideas & Free Templates

As an author, rack cards can be an effective way to attract new readers. When marketing your brand with rack cards, you want to use a design that can catch people’s attention. Rack cards are a great promotional tool because they are small, they stand out, they’re affordable, and effective.


Author Business Card Ideas & Free Templates

Though we are in a digital age, as an author, having a business card to hand out to people is extremely important. Surprisingly, many people still keep a collection of business cards from the business and personal contacts that they meet. There’s just something about a business card that’s personal, and keeps your contact information at a person’s fingertips. You never know when someone may be in need of your writing services, so having a well-designed author business card is a key component of promoting yourself.


Young Adult Book Covers 2

Young Adult Fiction book covers vary as much as the stories inside. In fact, they may or may not necessarily project “young adult”. While it can be effective to immediately attract or relate to the book’s target audience, with many older adults often reading young adult fiction as well, it can be beneficial to for the design to have a broader appeal and a sophisticated look.

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Flat Book Cover Design

Flat design is trending, most notably in web design and mobile applications; however, there are many great examples of flat design in print and book cover design. Flat design is simplistic and modern, emphasizing shapes, colors, and typography, while avoiding the details that create realism, such as gradients, shadows, and photographs. Flat design provides visual clarity, a modern and clean feel, and can be beautifully minimalistic. When done right, flat design can grab the reader’s attention with visuals that seems to pop off the page.

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