Tools We Use

Have you ever felt that the self-publishing world is full of one obstacle after another? I mean, once you figure out the writing part, you are faced with with a myriad of choices and even more costs to get your book into the hands of readers. We know, because we've spent years helping authors and publishers.

From the beginning, we dreamed of a day when we could create a platform that would handle every aspect of designing, publishing, promoting and marketing a book, all in one place. We wanted to take away the guesswork and drastically change how much authors have to spend on important items like book covers, print layout, ebook layout, promotional materials, social media campaigns and more.

Well guess what, we did it! And it turned out even better than we could have expected. We set out to save authors money, but we ended up creating software that is revolutionizing the self-publishing process.

Introducing AuthorLab

AuthorLab is an all-in-one author platform, with industry-leading software, tools, templates, and training videos. Get all the book help you need, from writing inspiration, professional covers, book layouts, websites, promotion, book marketing and more! 

It would be difficult to list ALL the items in AuthorLab, but below are 10 of our favorites:

Author Tool #1: Book Cover Design

Meet the AuthorLab designer - and never use Photoshop again!

Can you really create a book cover that competes with the bestselling books in your genre? Yes, and with our templates and tutorials you will save yourself hundreds of dollars on every book cover you ever need.

Whether you choose to create something for the web or print, our intelligent software gives you the right format and resolution for your exact needs.

Author Tool #2: Print & eBook Layout

Create print and eBook layouts - beautiful designs with less work!

Have you ever paid someone to format your book, or ever did it yourself? Talk about time consuming! Now it is as easy as a few clicks. Yes, that's right, you can build beautiful layouts with just a few clicks. All the work that takes DAYS is done seamlessly both for your print and ebooks.

Author Tool #3: Book Mockups & Product Images 

Hundreds of mockups and beautiful images of your books in seconds - we're serious!

You might think you have run out of stuff to say about your books, but there are a thousand little opportunities to bring your book up again. Imagine your book next to a bar of chocolate on International Chocolate Day, or your book next to fireworks on the 4th of July. The options are endless and our mockups can help you sell more books than ever before.

Forget Photoshop or other clunky software, because with our mockups you upload your book cover and in seconds you have countless images to choose from and new mockups every month.

Author Tool #4: Stock Photos

Looking for stock photos for your blog, book, website or email campaigns? Get access to over 2 million royalty-free stock photos and forget about those expensive stock photo sites. Make all your author marketing material pop with our stock photo collections of over 2 million professional royalty-free photos.

Author Tool #5: Author Websites

You put a lot of hard work into your writing, so don't let your books get overlooked online. Our software makes websites faster than anything you've ever seen. Use our website creation software to bring attention to your author brand and make your books shine!

Author Tool #6: Promotional Graphics

Use our drag-and-drop design editor along with hundreds of templates for bookmarks, rack cards, rack cards, book sale sheets and dozens of other regularly printed materials.

Author Tool #7: Author Media Kits


Your media kit can make or break your marketing efforts. Before your schedule is filled with important interviews, the interviewer must first be impressed with your your book. These 5 customizable media kits will perfectly compliment every genre.

Author Tool #8: Author Book Trailers

Our high-quality book trailer templates include over 40 professionally-designed, high-quality templates representing many genres. And guess what? They are all super easy to edit with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Author Tool #9: Expert Guides

AuthorLab includes expert guides for legally protecting your book, promoting a book series, getting into bookstores, getting into libraries and much more.

Author Tool #10: Dynamic Training & Online Courses

Get training from authors and publishing experts on writing books, running book ads, getting interviews, creating irresistible book titles and so much more.

So What are You Waiting for?

At this point you are probably bracing yourself, holding your breath, thinking, "This is going to be out of my budget for sure!" 

You can let out a sigh of relief, because a subscription to AuthorLab  is only $29.99 a month and yearly subscriptions make it even cheaper than that! Or you can press the button below to get a free trial plus 67% our normal price.