Online EPUB Converter for Authors

Online EPUB Converter Just for Authors

Why use our Online eBook Converter?

If you are interested in converting your Word documents to eBook format, then you’ll want to hear about our online EPUB converter. With our online converter, you can effortlessly convert Word versions of your book into eBook formats without having to download any software.

The need for eBook formatting

As an author you want your book available for sale on as many distribution avenues as possible and making your book available on digital marketplaces is strategic because it provides a way of selling your book with good margins without having to pay for or manage physical product.

If you’re a writer then you most likely compose your manuscripts in Word doc or docx format. Converting your book from Word documents to the proper formats for ereaders and ebook commerce stores can be difficult to perfect. Like so many other things not all layout is the same. Many free online Word to EPUB or mobi converters provide you with garbled code that immediately gets rejected by the largest ebook retailers like Amazon and Apple Ibooks. Some authors insist that the only way to get a properly formatted ebook file is to hire a professional to manually do it by hand.

The Quality of the layout

While we agree that manual layout looks exquisite, we also know that many self-published authors would prefer to not have to spend hundreds of dollars that they could instead be using for marketing on their book. Our online EPUB converter was created by designers who have spent their fair share of time in the trenches manually laying out ebooks page by page. This has caused us to try our absolute best to make sure that after using our converter your book will be as close to a hand coded professional layout as possible.

By converting your Word documents using our EPUB converter, you are giving your book the opportunity to not only reach even more of your fans by making it available in eBook format, but you are giving your book the chance to impress readers with your clean and easy to read layout. For an easy Word to eBook conversion process and a great end product, try our online EPUB converter today.

Note: You may not use our EPUB conversion software if you are not the author or do not have permission from the author for the content being converted.