The Six Keys to Writing Romantic Comedy

Getting your readers to laugh and fall in love at the same

romantic comedy

Getting your readers to laugh and fall in love at the same time requires a delicate balance, not a sledgehammer. A successful romantic comedy novel utilizes keen wit while drawing on the full gamut of emotions—and that’s where things get tough. How do you write a compelling story the reader will remember, with a backbone […]

There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Block!

Or at least not writer's block that you can't overcome!


Well, of course writer’s block exists, but you must admit the title made you want to read this. Creative writing means being able to write creatively, and while that seems to be one of those “duh” statements, sometimes keeping it simple produces some of the easiest and best reads. While working on a recent project, […]

Be Descriptive But Don’t Waffle On!

Keep them engaged- not bored to death!

Bored woman reading a bad book

As a reader, I am looking for an interesting well-written story by an author who can describe people, places and events and draw me into the story. As a writer, I like to provide my readers with an escape – a few hours where they go into someone else’s life and forget about their troubles.  […]

Are You Having Second Thoughts About Self-Publishing?

An author's account of her struggle with self-publishing.

I am a few months into the release of my first book, “Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds” and the work is just beginning. I chose to self-publish my book and people constantly ask me “Why?” After all, self-publishing is hard work.  Write the book, edit the book, format it, find a cover designer, […]

Should I Write a Novel?

Don’t die with your words still inside you

Should I Write a Novel

In 2016, a colleague and I unscientifically “surveyed” a few thousand fledgling entrepreneurs, asking them what they plan to do when they’re “financially free”. The top three answers won’t startle you – when asked what they’ll do with their time, the vast majority told us they’ll: travel volunteer spend more time with their family Pretty […]

Writing Your Debut Novel

How to start and finish your first novel

writing your debut novel

When writing a novel, sometimes the most difficult part is getting started.  I was in your shoes several years ago.  I wanted to write a fiction novel but didn’t know how to start. Then when on an airplane flight to Europe for business, I used a notebook to write each chapter in paragraph form.  The […]