Are You Having Second Thoughts About Self-Publishing?

An author's account of her struggle with self-publishing.

I am a few months into the release of my first book, “Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds” and the work is just beginning. I chose to self-publish my book and people constantly ask me “Why?” After all, self-publishing is hard work.  Write the book, edit the book, format it, find a cover designer, […]

Should I Write a Novel?

Don’t die with your words still inside you

Should I Write a Novel

In 2016, a colleague and I unscientifically “surveyed” a few thousand fledgling entrepreneurs, asking them what they plan to do when they’re “financially free”. The top three answers won’t startle you – when asked what they’ll do with their time, the vast majority told us they’ll: travel volunteer spend more time with their family Pretty […]

Writing Your Debut Novel

How to start and finish your first novel

writing your debut novel

When writing a novel, sometimes the most difficult part is getting started.  I was in your shoes several years ago.  I wanted to write a fiction novel but didn’t know how to start. Then when on an airplane flight to Europe for business, I used a notebook to write each chapter in paragraph form.  The […]

Being Too Old Is a Cop-Out!

You're Never Too Old To Write A Bestseller!

There really is no age limit for a person who wants to write that Great American novel. Or unique memoir. I can talk about this as I recently co-authored a True Story book, Into God’s Country that officially releases on November 10 – my 74th birthday. The Indie film producer who will adapt the book […]

How to promote your new book with no budget

Advice from an entrepreneur and digital marketer

book marketing on a budget

Creativity is a funny thing. It’s an amazing skill to be able to turn nothing into something great, but creative people don’t always know how to promote their work, that’s why I do what I do. A friend of mine independently published a book on Amazon recently, so we met up for a coffee to […]