The Ultimate List of Superpowers and How to Use Them in Your Novel

Create amazing characters for your book or comic

list of superpowers

All writers at one time or another have struggled with character development for their stories. There are so many different types of superpowers and abilities to choose from. But developing the nuances of a superhero with a backstory, abilities, and moral boundaries is even more difficult. This list of SuperPowers and strategic writing tips will […]

Elf Name Generator – A Completely Free Tool To Generate Elven Names

Do you sometimes think that you don’t belong in this mundane world? Do you feel more comfortable hanging out in a forest with nothing but nature surrounding you? Then you must be an Elf!  Elves come in many forms, but they are most known with their statuesque physical traits, long white hair, pointy ears, and […]

Villain Name Generator – Generate the Perfect Villain Name for Your Novel

Every novel or story needs a great villain to succeed. The hero can not shine without the villain, as there would be no conflict on which the protagonist can show their prowess and skills.  They are the antagonistic power that keeps the action going, and the reader entertained. They poke at the protagonist and prods, […]

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With Podcast Naming Do's And Dont's!

So you want to launch your own podcast career? That’s amazing! Podcasts are enlightening, entertaining, and informative. They offer podcast hosts the opportunity to engage with their audience, promote their brands, make money selling products/services, and build valuable connections.  But before you hit that record button, do you have your podcast name locked and ready […]