Juggling Multiple Writing Projects

And actually finishing them!

Some lucky people get inspiration for one book at a time and can concentrate on that book with laser focus until it’s done and ready to publish. At least, I’m assuming they’re out there. I’ve never personally met one. What I HAVE often met is writers who keep getting inspiration for new projects, starting to […]

Vocabulary, repetition, proofreading and editing

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 4

When you are writing, keeping your vocabulary rich and varied is essential, and a thesaurus should be your best friend. Just to illustrate this point, I looked up the simple word ‘walk’, and my online thesaurus offered me the following alternatives: advance, amble, ambulate, canter, escort, exercise, file, foot, go, go on foot, hike, hit […]

Pace, creating a page-turner, and using dialogue

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 3

There are many tricks of the trade to keep your readers interested. You, as a writer, will have a unique ‘voice’, but that isn’t enough. You must become an expert in pace, manipulating how the reader will read your work. Here’s a simple, probably obvious tip. If you are writing descriptive passages, use longer sentences. […]

Getting started, the two most important chapters, and chapter length

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 2

Starting to write a book is pretty daunting, but I’ve learned ways to simplify the whole process. My first piece of advice works for me every time. Get yourself a big, blank sheet of paper, the bigger the better. Use it in ‘landscape’ position and draw a horizontal line straight across the middle. This is […]

3 Paths to Getting Published

Regardless of what path you take on the journey to getting published, you need to act like you know what you’re talking about (because you really do). Knowing the lingo and using the jargon of the publishing field will ensure you’re on the same page as those you’re working with or marketing your book to. You need […]

3 paths of publishing