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Free Christian Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design Templates

• Equipped with over 15 years of Christian book cover design experience.
• Have designed covers for books with nearly 200,000 in print.
• Have overseen cover design and conversion in 24 languages and worked with international, national and local printers, publishers and distributors.
• Provide a staff of designers who are all devoted Christians with years of design experience.
We offer our Christian book cover design services with more features than most of our competitors and unlimited revisions once your cover is chosen. Below is a table of what our package includes.

Judging a book by its cover is exactly what people do and that is why we are here. Christian book cover design is one of our specialties, our staff having worked in a variety of Christian, non-profit and humanitarian organizations understand the plight of authors trying to help people on an invisible budget.

As hard as it is to come up with the budget for Christian book cover design it is an absolute necessity to have a professionally designed and produced book cover. Our first and foremost goal at Adazing is to do the work of the Lord. While we could not survive if we designed for free, we do bend over backwards to help you and your organization meet its goals on budget. Your finished Christian book cover design will be completely formatted and ready for your publisher or printer.

How Does This Work?

From start to finish we work with you to create a finished Christian book cover design that you can truly be proud of. You can expect the following from us:

• You receive a book cover worksheet of questions regarding the purpose and general direction of your design
• We send you multiple design samples meeting the criteria and direction we received from your questionnaire
• You pick one of the designs or offer further direction on what you are looking for
• After this guidance we will go back and forth making changes per your request
• Once you have approved the front cover we will design the spine and back cover and format them all to meet your printer’s specifications
Click the button below to have us begin working on your custom Christian book cover design. Most initial inquiries are responded to within four hours.

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WordPress Themes!

We have spent hundreds of hours designing website templates that we want to give you for free.

The priority of Adazing has always been to provide excellent design services for customers who do not have large budgets required by most design agencies. While we firmly believe that the most effective solution for online branding is to allow us to work with you to create a custom design that will make you look amazing, we understand that there are many people that cannot afford our minimal affordable web design fees. For this reason we have concerned ourselves with finding design solutions for those people who cannot purchase our design packages. We know most design firms are not looking for ways to help people for free, but that is what makes us different!

We knew that we would have to find:

  • A CMS (Content Management System) that would allow easy implementation of new design themes
  • A user interface that could be understood by anyone
  • A CMS with a large community of users providing support and constant growth to the usability of the software

A “Content Management System” is a piece of software that allows users to easily add and edit information on a website without having to use code. After testing the usability, functionality, and support of multiple systems, we decided that WordPress is best equipped for the needs of less tech-savvy users and also has the added edge of free plug-ins to enhance the functionality to be whatever you would like it to be.

WordPress is free and easy, and we are confident that most people can install WordPress after reading instructions from their web hosting company, but if you have any problems, we can always help by installing it on your new hosting account and pre-loading it with a theme for just $100.

So that is a little about our journey and why we as a design firm release so many themes for free! But the fact of the matter is, a theme that thousands of others are using will never allow you to completely stand out as a unique entity on the web. But the great thing is, when you do get ready for a custom web design (because if you are doing things right, that time will definitely come), then you won’t miss a beat because we can design a theme for you and keep all your content in place. If you interested in custom edits for any theme you are using, click here.

We consistently come out with new WordPress themes because we think it is important for the blogging and web community to have great design. Below are our themes, if you wish to find out more about them or would like to request support click on the theme title to go to its page.

Our Free Themes

Morning Coffee

morning coffee design

Our first design with a focus on providing that feeling of drinking coffee and discussing the news.





Download Morning Coffee







Greener Side

morning coffee design
A great summer or nature design.

Download Greener Side



morning coffee design

This design focuses on customizable options. This theme sports an automatically produced custom header and a variety of layout options.

Download Wordsmith

Fresh Ink Magazine

morning coffee design

This theme turns any blog into a cool customizable magazine. Drop-down navigation, custom headers and custom backgrounds are just some of this theme’s options.

Download Fresh Ink Magazine

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Adazing provides professional services honed through years of experience working with large publishing houses and New York Times Bestselling authors. Below are a few of our services and you can find other services throughout our website.

Features Price
Cover Design $900
Editing contact us
Interior Book Layout contact us
Book and Author Consulting or Coaching $200/hr


Contact us below with any questions

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Why I believe in the power of your book

You're the hero of my story

Your book is important, you know how I know? I know because there is a soldier in a dangerous combat zone, willing to do anything to get their mind off the danger, intensity of the sun and the taste of sand in their mouth. The only refuge capable of sheltering them from the isolation and boredom when off-duty is to escape into a fiction book.

There is a parent whose new child was born with severe brain damage, and as they sit there late into the night praying that she will continue to breath, that one inspirational book is the only thing giving them hope in those dark moments.

These are very specific examples because they are ones that I have lived through, but I am not alone; there are countless others who need your book right now to escape, encourage or advise them on life issues. Your book is powerful and important!  I believe that there are people right now whose lives will be happier, more creative, driven and inspired all for reading your book. For that reason it’s really important that your book gets to the masses. And that is why I created Adazing; I want to share with you everything I know about making successful books that people will read and rave about.

Who Am I?

CJ McDanielMy name is CJ McDaniel and I’ve spent the majority of my life working with authors and publishers to bring beautiful books with inspiring stories to the world.

I’ve designed books and marketing plans for celebrities, presidential speechwriters, world-renowned authors and even New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best selling authors.

Crafting a brilliant story is something that most aren’t trying to accomplish, and that is why you are my hero. Without you this world is a much dimmer place!