How to Survive and Master Book Signings

Sell more books by mastering book signings

mastering book signings

Having self-published and launched three books last year, The Hallie McKinley Series books one and two (Trust Me and Identity) and Ghost Soldiers, I went from knowing virtually nothing to having success in marketing my books.   It’s an amazing feeling being an unknown author and selling one of your books to a stranger.  I get […]

Effective Book Promotion

Start promoting your book early

book promotion

Book promotion and marketing can begin as early as the moment you decide to write it. When that first idea comes to mind, you should begin some type of promoting whether via social media, word of mouth, your website, or blog. For many authors coming up with strategies of marketing and promoting are tough. The […]

How to Survive in The World of Writing

Learn the ropes even if you started from nothing.

What do you do when all you have is a manuscript? No finances (I mean none.) No knowledge of marketing. And no idea of what to do after you finished your manuscript. Well, don’t feel too overwhelmed by how big everything might seem if you are in that shoe. I was there and still is […]

surviving as an author

The 6 W’s of an Awesome Author’s Network

The how-to of building an effective author's network!

author networking

Most book marketing efforts focus on connecting and engaging with potential readers, which makes sense.  They are the end-consumer of your writing.  But if you just focus on your readers, you miss out on the most powerful connections that can support your author career: your fellow authors Putting your focus on building a robust and […]

A Million Readers and Counting

One Author’s Strategy for Overcoming Publisher Rejection

million readers

I guess almost every budding writer has been there. The manuscript finished, polished to the point of extinction and submitted to the lucky publisher. Then, after an agonizing wait with confidence draining by the hour, it arrives: the dreaded rejection letter. It’s easy to tell yourself that the publisher is wrong, that J K Rowling […]

10 Reasons To Go On A Virtual Book Tour

Reaching a wider online audience has never been easier!

The world of publishing is continuously evolving thanks to technology and the Internet. It is now easier than ever to publish a book. But with the growing number of new books being released every day it is also harder than ever to get your book noticed in the crowd. If your line of thinking includes- […]