Killer Tips On How To Write A Science Fiction Novel 

If you’re seeking tips on how to write a science fiction novel, you’re in the right place. Science fiction is centered on science. It helps us understand where science is heading. Imagine a novel discussing time travel in the future. Even if it doesn’t happen in real life, having such tech advancement captured in a […]

killer tips on how to write a science fiction novel

What Does Realistic Fiction Mean? A Detailed Explanation

Realistic fiction is a branch of literature. Here, the writer is allowed to wow the readers with his or her creative, imaginative ability. The writer takes his readers in-depth to another world. As expected, he creates peoples, gives lives, gives families and puts the characters in difficult situations or challenges, and gives ideas on how […]

what does realistic fiction mean 1

Learn How To Format MLA Header With Multiple Authors

There are various ways of citing and formatting papers, documents, and projects. The guidelines for the formats and citations are usually in official handbooks that contain instructions and examples when published. Some of them are APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. To focus on our topic, MLA has no specified format for a header with multiple […]