Light Novel Versus Novel: What You Need To Understand

A lot of people know about novels. But when you talk about light novels, many might be wondering if it is the same novel they know. If you wonder what a light novel is or whether it’s different from a regular novel, you’re not alone. But after reading this post, you’ll have an in-depth understanding. […]


How To Make A Visual Novel: Tips For Aspiring Authors 

A visual novel is a type of novel that features static graphics. It makes use of anime-style art. As the name suggests, this type of novel have images in them. Now that you understand the meaning of a visual novel let’s look at how you can create one from scratch. Despite the popularity of this […]


Is Nonfiction Hyphenated? This Is What You Should Know

Sometimes, you’ll find the word “nonfiction” written without the hyphen. But when you pick up another book to read, you find “non-fiction” and this time with the hyphen. Now you’re wondering which of them is most accurate to use. Is nonfiction hyphenated or not? Well, you’re not alone. Keep in mind that hyphen or no […]


Manga Vs. Graphic Novel: Read This Comparison

Novels are generally referred to as a long creative fictional write-up written to captivate and entertain a reader. When it comes to telling stories with comics, we use certain terms that may be confusing and difficult to differentiate due to their similarities. It’s the case in manga vs. graphic novel. Manga and graphic novels are […]


What Is The Difference Between Books And Editions? The Best Answer

Books and editions have some differences. But if you didn’t know, you would think otherwise. There are also different types of books and editions. Types of books include fantasy, horror, action, adventure, graphic novel, comic book, historical fiction, etc. Editions comprise the first edition, second edition, and so on. In this article, we’re going to […]


How Many Pages In A Graphic Novel? This Is What You Should Know

A graphic novel is quite different from the traditional novel. Contrary to the traditional novel that is filled with letters the graphic novel is filled with graphics. This does not mean there are no words. It is not strictly a picture book but contains both words and pictures. While the story is told mainly through […]