4 Powerful Writing Lessons I Learned From MasterClass

Guest Post by Dave Chesson

writing tips masterclass

If you think back to your time at school, I bet you’ll be able to recall a favorite teacher. For those who are lucky enough to have had the experience, special teachers can make all the difference in one’s growth and development. Sadly, many people stop learning with age. For most people this is merely […]

Wisdom for Aspiring Writers Part 2

Recently Adazing shared a series of tips to advise aspiring writers with a mixture of practical ideas and mentalities. I loved the ideas and was inspired to take it further. After all, I’ve had the pleasure of contributing my ideas to the Adazing audience in the past. It’s my mission through Kindlepreneur and The Book […]

Book translation – where to start

book translation

Publishing your book in your native language (we’ll assume for the sake of this article that it’s English) is a huge undertaking. However, once it’s complete, the sense of accomplishment is well worth the effort. But while the English-reading audience is enormous, there is also a potential market for your book outside English-speaking countries. Especially […]