Angel Name Generator For Your Next Book

  Writers know how important the names of their characters are. And because of this, they tend to get hung up on thinking about names at the beginning of their writing process. Sometimes, this takes so much time and effort that it drains you of your creative energy. With the help of our Angel Name Generator, […]

angel name generator

How To Cite An Anthology In MLA: Explained In Details

Before using any literary piece in your writing, you have to cite it effectively to avoid penalties for plagiarizing. It may seem confusing to cite sources because of the variety of citation styles available. But that isn’t the case. Citations are straightforward if you stick to the laid down principles. You have to understand a […]

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Killer Tips On How To Write A Science Fiction Novel 

If you’re seeking tips on how to write a science fiction novel, you’re in the right place. Science fiction is centered on science. It helps us understand where science is heading. Imagine a novel discussing time travel in the future. Even if it doesn’t happen in real life, having such tech advancement captured in a […]