Get Everything You See Here in High-Resolution Format for Only $12.75

Whether your book is hardcover, paperback, Kindle, iBook, audio book or some other format, we have you covered. Receive 10 high-resolution tranparent product shots and 18 realistic images of your book being displayed in natural settings. Get all 28 amazing renderings for only $12.75.

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Perfect for Promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Email Newsletters, GoodReads, Print Materials...

How can you use these images? Use them on Twitter to promote a book signing, on Facebook to announce a free giveaway, on your website or email newsletter to show off your new cover, or in a local magazine... you get the idea! Pretty much any place you are promoting your book, whether online or in print, you can use these one-of-a-kind images to grab attention. Check out just a couple of samples below.


A Must Have to Sell More Books

Want to increase sales? Amazon, eBay and others have conducted studies that show that professional product shots will increase book sales. But photoshoots can cost lots of money and buying software and figuring it out isn't cheap either. That is why we created this image collection just for you. A survey of actual users recommended we sell this collection for $97, but we want to give you all 28 high-resolution images for only $12.75. This is a fraction of what it would cost to secure the image licenses and buy the software to create it yourself.

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The Best Way to Promote Your Book

You could wait weeks and pay thousands of dollars to photographers or hundreds to designers to get professional images of Your book, OR you can grab everything you could ever need right now for a fraction of the cost.

Hi-Res Images

These high-resolution images are perfect for web, print and everything in between.

All Possible Formats

During a professional photoshoot you can only get images for the formats of books that you already possess. With our mock-ups you can get professional-quality images of any format you hope to sell in the future.

Ready Right Now!

All your images are ready, instead of waiting for designers to complete your mock-up, you can grab your images right now.

Realistic Settings

With standard Photoshop mock-up actions you have limited angles and views, but with our mock-ups you get 28 unique settings without any of the hassle of working with Photoshop.

What Our Users Are Saying:

Totally amazing! I have used other mock-up software and PSD actions. They give decent results but nothing like the value delivered in this product!
Cathryn Wellner
In the past I have spent countless hours trying to get a professional looking image of my book. This software is amazing! This is a priceless resource for writers of all experience levels.
Carol Iverson
The high quality and volume of imaginative images included is outstanding. Every author or anyone interested in beautiful graphic design work needs this excellent resource.
Joanne Thambyah

We Can't Store Your Books Forever

Right now we have your high-resolution images setting on our server, they takes up 75 megabytes and the unfortunate truth is that with all of our users our server just can't keep them long without crashing. For that reason we can only keep your images for a few hours. But we know using these images in your promotions will sell more books, so we really want you to download them before they are gone! That is why we are selling such a valuable package that requires no work on your part at such a small investment. So purchase all 28 high-resolution images of Your book before they are gone!

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