What You Get

Get everything you need to grab attention for your trilogy or book series. With the tools in this package, you’ll be able to increase the reach of your books and, ultimately, make more sales and grow your brand.

Branded Cover Templates

Make your covers match, make your covers awesome!

  • 12 Fantasy Cover Templates
  • 9 Non-Fiction Cover Templates
  • 9 Romance Cover Templates
  • 9 Young Adult Cover Templates
Advertising Graphics

Entice readers with beautiful graphics and promotions!

  • 6 series web headers
  • 6 series promotional ads
  • 15 series and trilogy mockups
Promotion Strategies

Learn common best practices for promoting your books!

  • Secrets to Promotion eBook
  • Promotional Emails for Series Bundle
  • Promotional Emails for Last Book in Series

Get hundreds of dollars of graphics created just for book series for a fraction of the price!

Give Me All of This for Only $19!

39 Easy to Edit Book Cover Templates

These 13 genre-specific book series sets are full of covers that will give you an easy way to brand a whole series to be easily recognizable as a group, which will help transition sales from previous books to subsequent books in the series. Editable with Adobe Photoshop

Website & Social Media Headers

How do you advertise yourself and your books at the same time, especialy when you are promoting more than one book? Simple, promote your books and author name in one fell swoop with our well designed header graphics.

These awesome headers can be easily edited with Adobe Photoshop to be used for your personal website, FaceBook, Twitter or any other social media platform that you use.

Give Me All of This for Only $19!
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Promotional Graphics

These graphics are easy to use and great for sharing with new and old readers alike. If you have had problems creating graphics for your series in the past, your trouble are about to be over!

  • Facebook Ads or Posts
  • Instagram Posts
  • Linkedin Posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • Email Blasts
  • Blog Posts
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Secrets to Promotion eBook

Most of the training and advice in the book marketing world is centered around individual books even though it is common knowledge that series of books are generally more lucrative for the sheer fact of being able to carry readers and sales over to multiple books. Learn how to better promote ane sell your series or trilogy with this tip-packed eBook.


Realistic Book Series Mockups

These easy-to-edit book mockups are perfect for any author with a series or even any author who needs to display more than one book at a time. These mockups were taken in different settings and with books of different formats to ensure there is something for you know matter what you are looking for.

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