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I've been in the publishing business for years and helped countless authors meet their publishing goals including become bestsellers on the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, and Barnes & Noble.

I created MockupShots to be a one-stop-shop for all your book mockup, video, social media post, and promo ad needs.

Mockup Shots Library

Everything you need to make your book stand out above the noise of millions of books published per year. 

  • A full library of 600+ book mockups
  • A photo editing tool you can use to personalize your mockups, even if you've never used Photoshop in your life
  • Unlimited mockups for ALL your books
  • Proven plug-and-play post templates for days when you have no idea how to promote your book
  • High-definition GIFs of your book (perfect for social media)
  • Mockup shots requests (our team will create customized mockups for you)
  • Unlimited lifetime access

    I've worked with bestselling authors and publishers, and I KNOW these are the tools you need for your book's success. Grab the entire library now! I don't offer this anywhere else.

Watch a Few of Our Video Mockups:

Bonus: Get Our Special Video Editing Tool

Create engaging videos of your books, even if you've never touched video editing software in your life!

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• 87% of marketers use video as a powerful marketing tool.
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What People Are Saying About MockupShots...

We absolutely LOVE MockupShots! It's easily saved me and my team at least 20 hours and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the past few months. And the images are super high quality and there is such a variety to them. It's probably my favorite tool that we use!

Matt McWilliams

The Affiliate Guy

Extremely easy to use; upload your cover, and within seconds you’ll have hundreds of incredible mockups, no fancy software required.

Dave Chesson


I just love the mockups and instantly put them to use. I've already shown off your magical work and had friends purchase it immediately. Wow!

Elizabeth M Rae

Author of "The Happiness Key"

I use MockupShots for

all our book mockups, it saves us a ton of time while producing extremely high quality content. 

It is really

quick and easy! 

And the quality is unmatched!

Rafael Pontes

I am delighted  with MockupShots and  the agility and countless options. I have more images in a matter of seconds than any professional could  ever give me.

Toni Vaz Palestrante

This powerful software is easy to use, intuitive and allows you to quickly create and manage professional mockups to effectively present your products. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Agnoletti, Ph.D.

Transparent Background Images

The Perfect Image for Your Websites and Landing Pages

Sometimes you just need a perfect image for your product store or landing page. Whether you are looking for that perfect device to display your product or the perfect model to display your book, we have them all on transparent backgrounds ready and waiting to make your page pop. Scroll through just a few of our transparent background mockups below.

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The MockupShots Guarantee

Our Promise to You

 I know that hundreds of royalty-free images of your book all created within seconds and only costing pennies a piece  sounds too good to be true, but it's not. In fact, we have a three point guarantee:

1) 30 day money-back guarantee

2) Create unlimited mockups for multiple books or clients

3) Only pay ONCE and get lifetime access