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Online Author Voice to Text Dictation Software: Ink Speak

Ink Speak online web dictation software enables authors to completely un-throttle their writing speed!

Ideas for your next book are swirling around your head, and you’re eager to put them on paper. And, of course, you know that one of the best ways to sell more books is… to write more books! But you’re already up to your elbows in other projects you’ve started. Ah, the dilemma of the creative. Wouldn’t you give anything to find a way to manage all those ideas and put them into action? To jump directly to our awesome software click the button below.

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New York Times best-selling author David Webster knows the secret to harnessing the super power of speed-writing.

After shattering his wrist into fifty-seven pieces and left in tremendous pain, David knew he’d have to find a creative way of writing again. The solution he found actually allowed him to write faster than ever before, at a rate of more than 200 words per minute!

The solution he found is dictation software, voice-to-text software that he calls a “speed multiplier,” something that any production writer will tell you is worth its weight in gold.

Many authors have made the switch, and maybe this could be your solution to writing and selling faster than ever before.

Voice is three times faster than typing, and for some authors who have made a practice out of writing for a certain duration of time to get as many words written as possible, this could be a game changer.

There are many great dictation options from the premium version of Dragon Dictate to the out of box Mac OS dictation functionality, and there are even some topnotch free dictation apps for your smartphone. But if you need something that is super easy without any installation that is what InkSpeak is here for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ink Speak Web Speech to Text Dictation

[step_graphics style=”1″ color=”#bc1ca9″][step style=”1″ text=”1″ headline=”What Browsers Can I use?”]Ink Speak is only compatible with the browser Google Chrome, if you do not use Chrome you will need to install Chrome to use our speech to text dictation.[/step][/step_graphics]

[step_graphics style=”1″ color=”#37a0f6″][step style=”1″ text=”2″ headline=”What Languages can I Use?”]You don’t have to speak in English to use Ink Speak it can recognize over 40 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Malay, Indonesian and more. Dictation will automatically determine your browser’s default language and use it for future transcriptions.[/step][/step_graphics]

[step_graphics style=”1″ color=”#ff161c”][step style=”1″ text=”3″ headline=”What Commands Can I use With Ink Speak?”]

New Paragraph: Say “New Paragraph” to begin a new paragraph.

Punctuation: Say “Comma”, “Period”, “Question Mark”, “Semicolon” etc. for punctuation.

Start/Stop: Click the “Stop Listening” button to end the speech recognition session. You can click the “Start” button again to resume transcription.

[step_graphics style=”1″ color=”#bc1ca9″][step style=”1″ text=”4″ headline=”What do I do if I can no longer see all the words as I speak>”]Ink Speak only shows the last 8 lines of text, but you can review all of your text when you are done by pressing the “Stop Listening” button and then the “Download Text” button this will allow to view all of your dictated text in the text file downloaded to your computer.[/step][/step_graphics]

[step_graphics style=”1″ color=”#37a0f6″][step style=”1″ text=”5″ headline=”What kind of Microphone do I need?”]You can use any built-in or external microphone with Ink Speak. Ink Speak will ask for authorization to access your microphone, you will need to approve access.[/step][/step_graphics]