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Christian Web Design

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Christian Web Design

How well does your organization’s website articulate your vision? Much of the Christian web design created over the past 15 years has not been kept up to date, leaving numerous websites scattered throughout the web lacking updated content or modern design requirements. Even if your content is still accurate, your site may very well be at risk of being stagnant or not working correctly because of recent design styles and technology changes.

Our Christian web design will not only look great and bring you up-to-date with modern web trends, but will also alleviate the need to have anyone else edit your site. All our Christian web design sites are built on an award-winning content management system allowing you to add pages, make corrections and even upload images and audio files via an easy-to-use interface.

What is the Price?

affordable web design for $1200From calendars and playable audio sermons to products pages and online payments your site deserves all the bells and whistles. For just $1200 your site can have great design and functionality with as many pages as you want!

Employees at Adazing have provided web solutions for churches, non-profits and Christian organizations for the past 12 years. We  understand the need to spend money on building the Kingdom of God and not throwing away the finances that you have been entrusted with by your constituents and God. Below are some of the features you can expect from our Christian web design package:

Web Design Features Christian Web Design Package
Price $1200
Up to three design options book cover design check
Complete custom design book cover design check
Content Management System (CMS) book cover design check
Content placement book cover design check
Unlimited pages book cover design check
CMS training book cover design check
Industry standard tracking software book cover design check
Custom graphics book cover design check
Custom flash animation book cover design check
Ecommerce software book cover design check
Anything else you might need book cover design check

How Does the Christian Web Design Process Work?

For $1200, your organization can expect the following from our Christian web design services:

  • You will receive a Christian web design worksheet with questions about the purpose and direction of your site.
  • We will send you multiple design samples based on the information we received from your worksheet.
  • You select one of the designs or offer us further direction on what you are looking for.
  • After this guidance, we will go back and forth making changes per your request.
  • Once you have approved the design, we will begin to code your site.
  • We will test your site and install it on your server.
  • We will place pages and content on your site.
  • We complete the training on how to use the content management system so you can make edits in the future without ever learning code!
  • Use the form below to have us begin working on your custom Christian web design package. Most initial inquiries are responded to within four hours.

    Christian web design

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