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A-Format most commonly refers to mass market paperbacks with a trimmed page size of 178 x 111 mm (unsewn).

The A-format for mass market paperbacks is a standard size for these types of books. The dimensions are generally 4.25 inches wide by 7.0 inches tall, with a spine width of 0.5 inches. This size is convenient for readers because it can be easily carried and fits nicely into most purses and back pockets.
A-format for mass market paperbacks is a size used for paperback books. It is smaller than the B-format, which is typically used for trade paperbacks. The A-format is about 4.25 inches wide and 7.0 inches tall.
A mass market paperback is a small paperback book that is typically released by a major publishing house. These books are typically less than 200 pages and are often released in mass quantities, hence the name. Mass market paperbacks are often less expensive than hardcover books, making them a popular choice for readers on a budget. While mass market paperbacks are often associated with genre fiction, such as romance novels or mysteries, they can also be released for non-fiction titles and literary works. In recent years, some mass market paperbacks have been released as e-books, giving readers even more choice in how they consume their reading material. Whether you’re looking for a quick read or a classic novel, mass market paperbacks are a great option for budget-conscious readers.

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