Ever Struggle to Get Book Reviews? 
Your Struggle is Over!

We get real and ethical book reviews for your book! We do it the old-fashioned way, with research and elbow grease. We use Amazon approved methods to make sure that the reviews last. We do the work and you reap the benefits. It's that easy!

How It Works

A True Done-for-You Service

We Do the Research

We Do the Outreach

You Do the Celebrating!

Review Curation Service

Our Time-Tested Formula

Step 1:

Book Research

We start with extensive research. We research your book, similar books, and genres to get an idea of the best potential reviewer.

Step 2:

Reviewer Research

We use our book research, reviewer history, and industry contacts to curate a list of relevant reviewers perfect for your book.

Step 3:

Create a Book Page

We create an easy-to-use download page accessible to reviewers to download your book for free in their favorite format.

Step 4:

Reviewer Outreach

We reach out to the custom-selected reviewers with instructions for downloading and reviewing your book.

Step 5:

Reviewer Follow-Up

We monitor reviewers who accept or reject our request. If they haven't responded or added a review, we follow-up again.

Step 6:

Completion Report

The timeline for research, outreach, follow-up, and review collection takes about 8 weeks. When done, we send you a Completion Report. 


A Little About Us

Who are we?

Book Star Reviews is a service created by a group of publishing experts who have spent decades publishing and promoting some of the most popular books and authors in the world. 

Our passion, connection to the past and manual touch are what makes us different. We work with ethical non-incentivized reviewers to get you honest reviews, period.

Why Reviews Matter!

Reviews influence rankings. It's been documented time and time again that the number of reviews you have is one of the greatest factors influencing your overall ranking.

Reviews influence sales. One of the major deciding factors in a purchasing decision is reviews. You can run ads or have major press, but if your page is missing reviews then potential buyers will move on.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I paying for reviews?

Absolutely not! We help you find potential reviewers. We use our book research, past reviewers list, and industry contacts to curate a list of relevant potential reviewers. You do not pay us for reviews; you pay us for gathering the list of potential reviewers and contacting the list. Paying for reviews is a big no-no. All the reviews you get from reaching out to the potential reviewers we provide will be legitimate, honest reviews.

Do you guarantee reviews?

We have a proven process for getting people to review books, but the amount of reviewers that respond to any outreach varies. On a typical outreach campaign 5% to 10% of the contacted reviewers will read your book and leave reviews.

How Long Does Your Service Take?

Finding potential reviewers that are a perfect fit is a time-consuming process. But once we find them, they need time to respond, read your book and review it. It will take approximately 8 weeks for all of your reviews to trickle in. Some will come in sooner. Once we feel like all the reviewers who will respond have responded, we will send you a Project Completion Report with all the stats and information on the reviews received.

Do you guarantee positive reviews?

No, because we believe in ethical and honest feedback we do not apply pressure for positive reviews. While we do look for potential reviewers who are most likely to enjoy your book, we can’t guarantee that every reviewer will.

Our Packages

Done By You

$ 149

Our Done By You plan allows you to take advantage of our research process but requires you to do the outreach to potential reviewers.

  • 50 potential reviewers
  • List of emails of reviewers
  • Delivered in 7 business days
Done For You

$ 449

With our Done For You plan we gather a large amount of reviewers and do all the outreach, tracking, and follow-up for you. This is the best value and offers the greatest chances of getting the reviews that you need.

  • 200 Potential Reviewers!
  • Custom outreach campaign
  • Book download page
  • Monitoring and follow-up
  • Completion Report

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