"A great book with plenty of laughs and thoughtful reflection"

This new book from comedian Taylor Johnson is a hilarious and honest exploration of why vulnerability is essential in the everyday life of Christ’s followers.

Johnson helps us examine why we need to open up, why we’re afraid of it, and why we don’t have to be.

What Readers Are Saying

The stories in this book were so funny!  Told like any comedian would in their stand-up routine.  While I appreciated the funny in this book I liked the feeling of the book reading like a casual conversation with me.  A great book with plenty of laughs and thoughtful reflection, highly recommend.

CJ McDaniel

A funny book that delivers open transparency about an uncomfortable topic.  The author shares comical personal experiences that really had me laughing.  The stories and illustrations were relatable and thought provoking.  This book would be perfect for group discussions and even has questions at the end of each chapter.

Glyndon Greer

Who is Taylor Johnson?

Taylor Johnson is a nationally known comedian and speaker living in Dallas, TX. He has spoken and performed in churches, universities, and even living rooms. For almost a decade he has ended his stand-up shows with a message on vulnerability.

His honesty and humor can disarm audiences and create a safe environment where people feel comfortable opening up about the realities and difficulties of their lives.

Taylor also lived in a minivan for two years but that's not really important.