Author Rack Card Ideas & Free Templates

As an author, rack cards can be an effective way to attract new readers. When marketing your brand with rack cards, you want to use a design that can catch people’s attention. Rack cards are a great promotional tool because they are small, they stand out, they’re affordable, and effective.


Free Author Business Card Templates

Author Business Card Ideas & Free Templates

Though we are in a digital age, as an author, having a business card to hand out to people is extremely important. Surprisingly, many people still keep a collection of business cards from the business and personal contacts that they meet. There’s just something about a business card that’s personal, and keeps your contact information at a person’s fingertips. You never know when someone may be in need of your writing services, so having a well-designed author business card is a key component of promoting yourself.


Best Seller Logos

Download Your Best Selling Author Badge

When you’ve accomplished something as significant as having an Amazon Best Seller, in this competitive market, you should strive to herald that accomplishment wherever and whenever possible. This is now part of your branding and promotion. Getting Amazon Best Selling Author status is the result of hard work and is something to be proud of. It is a credential that once received can be used forever. As such, it should be proudly displayed by using the Amazon Best Seller Logo on your book, your website and any promotional materials you develop. Your reader may not know it took sales of 100-500 books in a day to reach that status, but what they do know is that the book is a good gamble to spend their hard-earned money on. It is a stamp of approval that the reader looks for. And it doesn’t matter if you are an overall bestseller or a best seller in a particular genre. The reader just wants you to be the best.

Indesign Shortcut Keys

Wells & Drew, providers of fine stationery commissioned a simple info-graphic with the purpose of helping out designers. The InDesign cheat sheet was designed to help the top level pro all the way down to the green horn keep track of all available InDesign shortcuts. Every useful shortcut that our designers could think of, for both Mac […]

Manuscript Theme

This theme design unites current and traditional writing forms to create a fun feel for anything from your literary blog to day-to-day journal. This two-column design gives plenty of room for content and images while keeping the sidebar easily accesible through a simple scroll menu. If you like this theme or have used it in […]