Hot Types of Opt-in Bribes Non-Fiction Authors Can Offer To Build Their List

Bright Opt-In Bribe Ideas for Book Marketing When creating your opt-in form to begin email marketing, you should always ask yourself a simple question: why would anyone be willing to give you their email address? What are you going to offer them in return? And how is your list going to give them value in […]


How Authors can Use Social Media to Build their email List

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool and there are many ways you can monetize a large number of followers or likes and be highly successful as a result.


At the same time though, social media also has some significant limitations. Chief among these is the fact that it means you’re relying on a third party to give you access to your readers. If Facebook changes their terms and conditions it can alter how you connect with your fans overnight. What’s more, if someone leaves Facebook, you’ll lose access to them.

How to Keep Your Subscribers Active on Your Author Newsletter

If your have grown your reader mailing list to over 1,000, then chances are you’re probably feeling pretty smug. A lot of authors would give their left arm to be in your position to have succesfully built a platform that size and the potential for earning from ongoing book sales is great. It’s taken work […]


5 Ways Authors Can Get More Subscribers Without Spending a Dime

Building a mailing list is a fantastic marketing strategy in terms of ROI (return on investment). That is to say, that the amount you have to spend on building a list is relatively very small compared to the amount you can potentially stand to earn from book sales. This is one of the biggest appeals […]


6 Best Email Marketing Practices for Authors

When using email marketing to promote a product, brand or service, you have the ability to reach people right in their inboxes and thus to have a very personal and profound impact. The statistics clearly show that this is a highly effective way to promote a book and to potentially make a lot of money […]


3 Mistakes Authors Should Avoid When Building an Email List

When creating an author mailing list, it’s not all about size. It is not simply a matter of throwing every technique you can at it in the hope of getting the maximum number of e-mails. While you might be able to get more subscribers in the short-run this way, in the long-haul this will actually […]