How Many Pages Is 1000 Words? Plus Tips To Make Crime Scene Book Convincing

Many authors’ passion for writing starts dwindling after some years of writing. And you start wondering what the cause is. When you research deeper, you’ll discover that the writers in question started disliking writing for several reasons. One could be that they started seeing writing as a highly demanding task. Sincerely, writing is demanding and […]

how many pages is 1000

Examples Of Slam Poetry You Should Consider Reading

Are you interested in learning slam poetry? Or perhaps you love listening to the poets recite their lines? If yes, then this post is for you. Slam poetry gives poets a platform to showcase their artistry, and their voices reach the world. It’s also an opportunity to address issues that relate to society and various […]

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How To Cite An Anthology In MLA: Explained In Details

Before using any literary piece in your writing, you have to cite it effectively to avoid penalties for plagiarizing. It may seem confusing to cite sources because of the variety of citation styles available. But that isn’t the case. Citations are straightforward if you stick to the laid down principles. You have to understand a […]

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