Standard Book Sizes

Make The Perfect Decision For Your Genre

If you’re writing a book, it’s important to know standard trim sizes for your genre. This ensures that your target reader feels familiar with the size of your book as well as makes sure that you don’t have any issues when it comes to having your book printed or interior layout designed. The author, book designers, and printers will need to be on the same page when it comes to the books size to achieve the best results with minimum miscommunications or delays.

Church History Book Covers

Church history books include books dealing specifically with the history of the church and extend to books on subjects related to the history of Christianity. For this reason, cover designs in this category vary depending on what a particular book focuses on. For books that specifically focus attention on the history of the church, paintings depicting biblical characters or events are commonly used as cover artwork. Below are various examples of books that fall within the category of church history to show different approaches to cover designs depending on the book’s subject.

Ministry and Church Leadership Book Covers

Ministry and church leadership books cover a wide range of books from children’s ministry and women’s ministry to church planting and church growth. An important aspect to express in any kind of ministry or church leadership book cover is that the cover design be relatable to the targeted audience. Especially in books dealing with ministry, if a reader is seeking out a book that can provide help or direction them in a certain area, they will want a book that looks relatable to him or her. Below are some covers that do an excellent job at relating the content of the book to the audience through the cover designs.

Worship and Devotion Book Covers

Worship and devotion book covers are commonly designed using images and colors that are considered uplifting and peaceful, although this can vary depending on a book’s audience. For instance the covers of men’s, women’s, teen’s, and children’s devotionals will vary considerably in appearance. Nature photographs depicting trees that symbolize life and growth, or water that represents grace and calmness, are common on both worship and devotional book covers. Below are some examples of covers from worship and devotion books that are geared toward different audiences.

Contemporary Fantasy Book Covers

Contemporary Fantasy is a subgenre where magical creatures are hidden amongst us. These tales are set in modern times, and often seem very familiar but there is always something different about the realities these books are set in. These elements offer the ability to create amazing covers by blending both the familiar and unfamiliar. Below are a few covers that do just that.