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Book Interior Design: Layout Mistakes Not to Make

When it comes to a book’s overall visual appeal, the cover design isn’t the only thing people use to judge a book’s credibility. People view the entire layout of a book as a large determining factor of whether or not they will purchase the book. The book’s cover design could be impeccable, but if the interior book layout isn’t up to par, a potential reader could be instantly turned off.

What Size Should My Ebook Cover Be?

Free Template - Ebook Cover Specifications

You finished your newest book and the first printed copy just arrived in the mail, and now it’s time to format your awesome cover to fit all the ebook marketplaces. But it’s tough to tell what is expected of you, because every company you want to submit to has different requirements. What makes it worse is that they change their requirements every few years – so even if you do find written dimensions, there is a good chance that they are old. But up-to-date instructions are troublesome as well, with all of their requirements such as minimum dimension size, recommended dimension size, maximum file size, etc.

Young Adult Book Covers 2

Young Adult Fiction book covers vary as much as the stories inside. In fact, they may or may not necessarily project “young adult”. While it can be effective to immediately attract or relate to the book’s target audience, with many older adults often reading young adult fiction as well, it can be beneficial to for the design to have a broader appeal and a sophisticated look.

Flat Book Cover Design

Flat design is trending, most notably in web design and mobile applications; however, there are many great examples of flat design in print and book cover design. Flat design is simplistic and modern, emphasizing shapes, colors, and typography, while avoiding the details that create realism, such as gradients, shadows, and photographs. Flat design provides visual clarity, a modern and clean feel, and can be beautifully minimalistic. When done right, flat design can grab the reader’s attention with visuals that seems to pop off the page.

Summer Reading Book Covers

Summer is a great time to get lost in a great story, a time when we would love nothing more than to grab a book and sit outside on a porch swing, or on a beach, or during a quiet night under the warm glow of a reading lamp with a window open letting in the gentle sound of crickets. A good summer book cover design will evoke these same images while remaining appropriate to its genre. Colors tend to mirror nature of the season and include a range of blues, greens, and yellows.

Back Cover Book Endorsement Examples

Awesome Back Cover Endorsements

Back cover endorsements are a valuable part of your book’s design. Endorsements made by reputable entities and authority figures within your subject area can help boost sales. Endorsements provide a seal of approval, or testimonial about your book that convince potential buyers that the book is a worthwhile purchase, and an interesting read.