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Turn Your Blank Book Cover In An Amazing Design (Without Photoshop)

One of the most important parts of book publishing, of course, is making your book design. And one way to do that is by utilizing a blank book cover to make your mockup.

You might think that your book is finished once you’re done writing it, but the truth is, there is still a lot more ground to cover before you become a best-selling success.

Why Is a Blank Book Cover Important?

A blank book cover allows you to take a flat image of a book and create a realistic-looking 3D image. Whether your book is already printed, in the editing stage, or just an ebook, there are many reasons you might need a blank book cover.

If you have hundreds of printed books in your basement without a single decent product shot, you can use a blank book cover to render and advertise your work on websites.

You are just weeks away from having hard copies at your door, and you want to go ahead and show potential readers how great your book looks to start collecting pre-orders.

Making a digital product that you would like to seem tangible and worth someone’s hard-earned money is a hard but essential part of book marketing and publishing.

Still not convinced?

Let’s say you are having a hard time finishing up your book. You had your cover done early, but you can’t seem to knock out those last few chapters.

Putting an unfinished book’s cover on a realistic rendering of a printed book has provided the kick in the pants to finish writing for many authors.

A blank book cover allows you to do all of this easily, and there are several methods you could use to develop your 3D book mockup.

Using editable PS files or PS actions is easy because you usually just place your flat cover in its designated space, and the rest is done for you.

However, the simplest way to create a 3D image of your book is a photo editing software that does all the work for you.

Stock photos provide a greater variety of options, but when it comes to getting your artwork on these blank book cover photos, it takes a little bit of skill in your image editing software. We would suggest looking into all the other blank book cover methods thoroughly before you choose this one.

There are also a lot of excellent 3D blank book cover mockup generators online, (including us, of course!).

Usually, these websites provide editable templates where you can simply drag your chosen design without the need for photo editing skills and countless photo software.

Blank PNG backgrounds are also provided most of the time, so you can edit any changes you might want to add in the future!

The Easiest Way to Make a Blank Book Cover

Adazing is one of the most trusted online book mockup generators online. We offer many services with just a few clicks, including blank book cover mockups, 3D mockups, and even animated GIFS!

Many authors have sworn by our software– some of them even made it to NY Times’ best-selling list!

Don’t wait until the last minute to throw a crappy, old-school book design. Readers nowadays choose the books by their covers, so if you want to make a splash in the book publishing industry, visit our website and come see for yourself!

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