Take a Serious Look into the Biblical Meaning of Repentance

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About A Change Of Mind

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in today’s Christian world concerning biblical salvation. This study will broaden your knowledge concerning this topic by taking a serious look into the meaning of repentance. It is not what most of the church world been teaching. The Greek word metanoia has been mistranslated which has brought a mass amount of confusion to the Christian church. Salvation has always been a free gift for those who believe in Jesus Christ with nothing added.

What People Are Saying...

One of the best teachings on the subject of repentance that you can find. Easy to read and understand. It will shake your view on what most believe on this very important subject concerning salvation! Highly recommended

Muskogee, Oklahoma

This teaching is the cure for toxic Christianity, that ever promises to provide the complete peace of Christ, but never delivers. It's how the Good News of the Gospel was meant to be preached.

Murrieta, California

Take a Serious Look into the Biblical Meaning of Repentance

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