Wondering if you Have ADHD?

5% of All Adults Have ADHD or ADHD Traits. But it is not a curse, for many it is a superpower. Take the Quiz Below.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a set of neurological, physiological, personality, information processing, and learning differences.  Without proper understanding of these differences and how to best work with them people with ADHD can spend a lifetime suffering daily with being unable to function to their highest potential, and constantly trying to be somebody they are not.  

When ADHD is not fully understood and worked with, then typical ADHD issues include distractibility, disorganization, procrastination, poor time management, anxiety, low self-esteem, and much more.   

Even more serious is that people with ADHD are 2-3x more likely to: 

-Suffer from addiction

-Get divorced 

-Die young  

 If the above daily struggles describe you, then it would benefit you to find out if you have ADHD so you can best learn about those differences, and how to best work with them to have a great life.  In the world, 5-10% of people have ADHD, and many suffer greatly because either they do not know or they do know, but they are not working with their differences.   Things in life either get better or worse, but one thing for sure is they will not stay the same.  Oftentimes, if nothing is done to understand and work with ADHD differences, then the struggles of ADHD will tend to get worse over one's lifetime and can lead to the horrific outcomes above.  On the other hand, if ADHD differences are thoroughly understood and worked with, then there can be great outcomes such as the many notable people throughout history and in our modern day society who have been very successful with ADHD. 

Why Should You Take THIS ADHD Quiz?

Every person with ADHD is unique in their own differences, and therefore the path to helping them have a successful outcome is to help them fully understand themselves.

ADHD can be seen as a neurodivergence, and each person has a unique set of divergences that must be understood at a physiological level in order to properly work with those differences. One of the keys to avoiding the worst case scenarios and having a successful outcome is to fully accept one's own strengths and weaknesses. This enables an ADHD individual to deal with the issues that could lead to the worst outcomes(i.e. preventing them from taking place) while also fully exploiting their strengths that will lead to the best outcome(i.e. ensuring realization of their potential).

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