Moderate ADHD

You responses to our ADHD Quiz revealed that you are currently in what we would call the Moderate Range of the ADHD Spectrum. This means that your responses tell us that you may not be struggling with as many symptoms as those with clinical ADHD.

How to work with ADHD differences to avoid worst case scenarios and to have a successful outcome?

ADHD Mastery Coach Tom Menditto has been ADHD symptom and meds free for over 20 years, and has been helping
people all over the world for over 14 years unleash their ADHD superpowers and live their potential. Every person with ADHD is unique in their own differences, and therefore the path to helping them have a successful outcome is to help them fully understand themselves.

ADHD can be seen as a neurodivergence, and each person has a unique set of divergences that must be understood at a physiological level in order to properly work with those differences. One of the keys to avoiding the worst case scenarios and having a successful outcome is to fully accept one's own strengths and weaknesses. This enables an ADHD individual to deal with the issues that could lead to the worst outcomes(i.e. preventing them from taking place) while also fully exploiting their strengths that will lead to the best outcome(i.e. ensuring realization of their potential).

Coach Tom has had many mentors who helped him with this journey, and so it is critical that if you are struggling that you seek out help from someone who not only has the expertise, but also the experience in overcoming these same challenges themselves along with experience in helping others. Getting qualified help and committing to the process is the best way to live a very successful life with ADHD.

Important Note: Information not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.