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book cover awardUncovered Book Cover Awards

Welcome to Uncovered Book Cover Awards, where we judge the covers of printed books and highlight each month’s winner in our Uncovered Video Broadcast. Our intention is to uncover the best book artwork, whether self-published or traditionally published. The designers at Adazing are responsible for the book covers of New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best selling authors, so we know a great cover when we see one, and we want to give credit to the authors who are putting in the work to have truly cutting-edge book  covers. While we look at all books and judge them fairly, we only provide reviews or comments on covers selected as award winners. There are two categories of awards each month:

1)    The first award is for the book cover chosen by our staff as the most well-designed for it’s genre and audience.

2)   The other award winner will be chosen by vote on Pinterest. The book cover with the most votes will be selected as the winner and highlighted in the broadcast.

Guidelines and Terms

We are looking for the best printed book covers, so submit your book below and you will be considered for the contest. If you are chosen to be in the running you will be emailed with instructions on where and how to send a physical copy of your book to us.

For Winners:

It’s not going to be easy to walk away with an Uncovered Design Award, but if you do it will be worth it.

• Your winning cover will be featured in our Uncovered Video Broadcast

• Your book will be highlighted in an article that exclusively focuses on your cover and links back to your website or a place to purchase your book

• You will receive a printable award certificate

• You will receive a professional product shot of your book taken by our staff photographer

• You will receive an award banner to post on your site or on social networks


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