Choosing an author name, choosing a book title

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 1

pick your title

There has never been a better time to write and publish a book, thanks to the Indie revolution. We no longer need to depend on agents and traditional publishers to take on our books. We writers can do everything ourselves, and it isn’t difficult. However, even if you’ve written and published a sensational book, it’s […]

Five Quick Self-edit Tips

Make sure your work is ready for the editor!

self editing tips

Do you know someone who cleans their house before the cleaning service comes? You might laugh, but there is a bit of logic in it. If you want a thorough, back-into-the-corners cleaning job, don’t make your house cleaner spend time dealing with clutter or dirty dishes in the sink. Editors are only human, and they […]

Get Rid of Writer’s Block Once and For All

Get going and write your book!

eliminate writer's block

Have you ever pulled up your favorite writing chair, put down your steaming cup of coffee to get ready to write and…nothing? Sometimes the ideas just won’t come, and nothing can help you get those words down. You really want to finish your novel, but sometimes you haven’t got a clue where you are going […]

Author Guest Post Submissions – Get Featured

Reach Out to Thousands of Like-Minded Readers

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Are you an author with tons of great knowledge about writing, promoting or selling books? Here is your chance to get in front of thousands of like-minded authors by writing a guest post for us. Here at Adazing, we love to promote and publicize new and published authors, budding bloggers, and any writer who wants […]

Writing Software For Authors

A collection of tools to help you write productively

Writing a book is certainly difficult. Together with other factors such as distractions, disorganized files, and, yes, an inadequate word processor can make the task even more challenging.  Creating your book isn’t simply jotting down words on a page, it’s a combination of your skill, creative flair, and dedication to write. But with the struggle […]

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