How to promote your new book with no budget

Advice from an entrepreneur and digital marketer

book marketing on a budget

Creativity is a funny thing. It’s an amazing skill to be able to turn nothing into something great, but creative people don’t always know how to promote their work, that’s why I do what I do. A friend of mine independently published a book on Amazon recently, so we met up for a coffee to […]

Your Book’s Perfect Crowdfunding Pitch Video

The Three Principles For Your Next Book's Pitch!

book pitch

With the increasing viability of crowdfunding as a tool for self-publishing authors, we’ve seen more interest than ever in learning how to run successful campaigns. No matter if you are using an established platform like Kickstarter or a more specialized platform like Unbound or Publishizer – we tell authors the same thing: The pitch video […]

Reader Reviews in Perspective

Keep them in mind!

reader reviews

Reviews are both the bane and blessing of a writer. One book can receive both glowing and scathing reviews, while the Amazon ranking and visibility of the book rise and fall, accordingly. Amazon has made efforts to improve the review process, but it remains fairly iffy. A survey on a Facebook readers’ group asked readers […]

4 Steps to Book Marketing

Secrets From An Ethics Professor

The anatomy of the book marketing selection process is treacherous, convoluted, and involved. Maintaining a sensible, balance takes effort, intellect, and integrity. All too often other standards, such as emotion, money, and special interests powers over and takes the place of excellence. “Nelson Mandela’s mantra is ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’”, revealed Dr. […]

Choosing an author name, choosing a book title

Advice from a New York Times Bestselling Author, Part 1

pick your title

There has never been a better time to write and publish a book, thanks to the Indie revolution. We no longer need to depend on agents and traditional publishers to take on our books. We writers can do everything ourselves, and it isn’t difficult. However, even if you’ve written and published a sensational book, it’s […]