How much does a book cover cost?

Adazing provides affordable cover design from experienced designers with experience designing covers for large publishing houses and New York Times Bestselling authors. Our price is $650 for illustrated covers and $450 for non-illustrated covers. Below is a table of the features of our service and what you would pay for the same features with designers with similar experience. 

Features Actual Value
Up to three front cover options- We give you up to three covers to choose from. You pick your favorite, and we start refining from there. $350
Unlimited revisions $300
We can work directly with your printer- Having us work directly with your printer prevents you from having to worry about any technical requirements or jargon, ensuring that your finished product will look the way you expect it to with no surprises. $100
Free barcode- Once you have purchased your ISBN number from Bowker, instead of paying to have a barcode generated you can send us the number and we can generate the barcode for you. $25
Back cover and spine- Once your front cover design is approved by you, we will create a back cover and spine that matches your cover. $250
Cover page- Upon request, we will provide custom black-and-white artwork for your cover page that matches the style and feel of your front cover. $100
Print-ready artwork- You can be ensured that we will make changes to your artwork until it is accepted and meets all your printer’s requirements. $100
Images, artwork and fonts- All images and fonts are either provided or paid for by us. $100
Professional consulting- Ongoing phone or email consulting with an experienced award-winning designer with years of book cover design experience. $400
Paperback, hardback or casebound cover- Each cover type has different technical requirements. Our price includes laying out the cover for any size and style of printed book at no extra charge. $200
Our Price $650 for illustrated covers and $450 for non-illustrated covers $1925


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